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My name is Lori Barton and this blog is for people who enjoy entertainment of all kinds. My friends and I are always looking for some form of entertainment to enjoy on the weekends. We often go to concerts, comedy shows, dances and the theater. When you read this blog, you'll learn all about these varieties of entertainment plus a whole lot more. You'll discover how you can get the best seating for shows and I'll also give you tips for saving money on admission fees. If you enjoy winding down after a long week with entertainment like I do, you'll definitely find a lot of value while reading my blog.


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Making A Latin Music Video?: Three Elements You Need To Make It Muy Bueno!

If you have a passion for Latin Music, you may want to make some of your own music videos to share. Before you get started, there are some elements that make a Latin music video really good, and you should know what these elements are. This is especially true if you are not a Latin American or Hispanic American, where these cultural identity things are very important and you want to avoid insulting your viewers.

First, Select Very Popular Music

Get really familiar (if you are not already!) with the Latin music genre. Who is hot right now? Who are the up-and-coming musicians who definitely make their music sizzle? Your video cannot have music in it made by your Latino or Latina friend down the street, unless he or she does the most amazing cover songs of Pitbull or Shakira. If the music is not hot, not "Latin enough," nobody will want to take the time to view the videos you make.

Second, Have Several Hot Latin Dancers

What makes a Shakira video hot? Her dance mixes of samba, salsa and belly are why people are glued to the screen when her videos come on. This is the second element of a good Latin music video-hot Latin dancers that can really dance. If you are not sure where to find these dancers, go to your nearest ballroom, salsa and swing dance school or Latin dance classes and survey the groups for the best dancers in the room. Then ask them to participate in your video. (You may have to pay them for their time, but it will be worth it to have some excellent dancers in your vid.)

Third, Be Culturally Sensitive as You Choose Costumes, Props and Backdrops

You may have some great ideas for backdrops, costumes and props for the video, but if any of these are culturally insensitive (or worse, ethnically embarrassing), your video will not be well-received. Dominican music should not be paired with Costa Rican props, nor should popular clothing items from Nicaragua be paired with Honduran backdrops. It just reveals to viewers of those cultures and countries that you do not know what you are doing. Research the culture of your music and its singer before you select these remaining elements for your video. In so doing, you will create a very authentic video that will be enjoyed by many across the different Latin cultures and across other American cultures too. Contact a company, like Vida Primo, for more help.