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My name is Lori Barton and this blog is for people who enjoy entertainment of all kinds. My friends and I are always looking for some form of entertainment to enjoy on the weekends. We often go to concerts, comedy shows, dances and the theater. When you read this blog, you'll learn all about these varieties of entertainment plus a whole lot more. You'll discover how you can get the best seating for shows and I'll also give you tips for saving money on admission fees. If you enjoy winding down after a long week with entertainment like I do, you'll definitely find a lot of value while reading my blog.


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Two Team-Building Activities At Your Company Weekend Retreat That Will Bring Your Employees Closer

As your company grows and you start to hire more employees, it can be tough to maintain a team spirit. That's why it's important to have periodic company retreats that have a lot of team-building activities so that employees to get to know each other and become more comfortable around each other. Use the following team-building activities to foster a greater feeling of camaraderie among everyone.

Take Blind Hikes

A blind "hike" is simply a walk where employees with blindfolds are led along by those without blindfolds. You can set up a small obstacle course in a grassy area or a large room; you can even allow the employees to walk the retreat grounds. Ensure that everyone stays away from heavy traffic areas and ground that is uneven or treacherous. After a set period, have the participants switch places so that they can experience the other perspective.

Blind hikes can be extremely valuable for team-building because everyone must listen and speak clearly in order to complete the hike. Those with blindfolds need to communicate to others what they need in order to move safely, and the people without blindfolds have to be careful with their words in order to provide the right guidance to their coworkers. 

What employees learn during a blind hike can help them at the workplace; they understand that everyone might not think the way they do and they have to change how they communicate in order to be effective.

Set Up "Warm Fuzzies"

Adult coloring books are becoming more and more popular because the act of coloring seems to calm people down. You can build on that trend by doing "warm fuzzies" on your retreat. Hand out manila envelopes to everyone and allow them to take a set period of time to color them however they like, as long as they put their names along the top. Once the envelopes are decorated, hang the envelopes along the wall. These will serve as the envelopes for everyone's "warm fuzzies".

"Warm fuzzies" are nice notes that can be dropped into the envelopes throughout the weekend retreat. They can be signed or unsigned; the only rules are that the content must be positive and specific to the person whose envelope it is. In fact, a "fuzzy" can be something other than a note; drawings, snacks and trinkets are also acceptable. You and the managers should take it upon yourselves to write "warm fuzzies" for everyone so that every person present is guaranteed to have at least a few fuzzies inside their envelope. When people pick up their envelopes at the end of the retreat, they will leave with an envelope full of good wishes from their coworkers. That goodwill will show itself in the workplace.

Fore more information about team building, contact Houdini’s Room Escape or a similar organization.