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My name is Lori Barton and this blog is for people who enjoy entertainment of all kinds. My friends and I are always looking for some form of entertainment to enjoy on the weekends. We often go to concerts, comedy shows, dances and the theater. When you read this blog, you'll learn all about these varieties of entertainment plus a whole lot more. You'll discover how you can get the best seating for shows and I'll also give you tips for saving money on admission fees. If you enjoy winding down after a long week with entertainment like I do, you'll definitely find a lot of value while reading my blog.


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Escape Rooms: A New Wave Of Entertainment For All Ages

Imagine you are locked in a place with a group of others and you have limited visibility and resources to try and find your way out. You are required to complete a series of tasks or work together to get through obstacles. Does this sound like a video game? Maybe you have played a video game with similar objectives, and maybe you have even seen a movie or two based on the same premises. However, this scenario is also what it's like to visit an escape room. If escape rooms are a new idea to you and you have a fascination with problem solving and mysteries, you are bound to have questions. 

So, what exactly is an escape room?

Basically, an escape room is a building created strictly for entertainment purposes to provide game players with the experience of having to escape a room, building, or location. The business owners of escape rooms may offer a range of different escape scenarios for those who want to play. For example, you may have to

  • complete objectives in the dark to get free
  • work your way through obstacles while handcuffed
  • rely on a group of your team members to achieve goals to get out
  • search for hidden objects, like keys or treasures that will set you free

Are escape rooms an entertainment idea good enough for all ages?

Escape rooms can be suitable for just about any age group, both young and old. For children, the escape room will likely be a little less dramatic, often times only requiring children to follow simple directions or complete certain tasks. Escape rooms are especially popular among teens and can be an excellent way to keep a birthday or special event with friends interesting. However, adults can have just as much fun with this form of entertainment. 

Where can you find escape room entertainment?

Escape room entertainment is most often offered in the form of privately owned establishments. These places are quickly showing up in various locations across the country. However, escape rooms are also be implemented as part of carnivals and amusement parks and integrated with larger locations as well, such as casinos, game rooms, and arcade centers as well.

One thing is for certain, if you have yet to try the experience of an escape room, this is definitely an activity you should check out. Check local attraction and entertainment listings to find an escape room in your area. For more information, contact companies like Expedition Escape.