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My name is Lori Barton and this blog is for people who enjoy entertainment of all kinds. My friends and I are always looking for some form of entertainment to enjoy on the weekends. We often go to concerts, comedy shows, dances and the theater. When you read this blog, you'll learn all about these varieties of entertainment plus a whole lot more. You'll discover how you can get the best seating for shows and I'll also give you tips for saving money on admission fees. If you enjoy winding down after a long week with entertainment like I do, you'll definitely find a lot of value while reading my blog.


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So You've Got To Choose A Wedding Venue

Your wedding should be a time of life that you can look back on and draw inspiration from for years to come. While the person you marry should be the focus of the day, making sure every detail is perfect is one way to showcase the love you bear. And somehow going down to the local courthouse or the corner church does not say, "I love you and would turn the world inside out to please you." Still, when choosing a wedding venue, bigger and costlier is not always better. 

Know Your Personality

As a couple, you have an opportunity to show those you love what is important to you by the location you choose for your wedding. For example, if you choose an industrial warehouse turned event center as your venue, then you show the world that you have a modern, industrial sensibility. Choosing a treehouse-themed inn shows that you have a whimsical romantic side. Who's to say whether the industrial warehouse or the treehouse would cost more to rent for a wedding, the point is your venue matches your personality. 

Let the Good Times Roll

Driving thirty miles into the backwoods to have a wedding at a treehouse can seriously limit the entertainment options at your wedding. You may not even have access to a dance floor to share your first dance as a married couple. If you want your guests to have a good time at your wedding, then you should look for a venue that will foster good times. Renting rooms at a resort should provide ample opportunities for your you and your guests to come together and make memories. 

An Outdoor Wedding

There is something magical about a wedding under the open skies. Whether you have the stars for a canopy or get married in the shade of old-growth trees, nature has a way of providing a perfect backdrop for a romantically magical ceremony. If you like the idea of getting married out in nature but don't want to go through all the work of getting a country meadow staged for a wedding, then you should look into renting a garden for your big day. 

The most important thing to remember when choosing your wedding venue is to first decide what is most important to you. Don't make a choice aimed at pleasing those who attend; instead, make a choice based on what will make the day most memorable and magical for you. Once you decide what you want, your choice of venue becomes a much simpler proposition. 

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